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                                          Things to do in Trelleborg!

       The Viking Castle

The viking castle was erected around 980 BC during the time Harald "bluetooth" Blåtand was king over Denmark and Skane. The viking fortress is located in central Trelleborg and is reachable by foot. The city had the fortress reconstructed to it's former apperance and built a viking museum which is available to the public. During the summer time you can watch actors dressed up as vikings and watch them fight. There is also a viking market.

       Maritime museum

Visit Swedens most suthern Maritime museum! Depicting Maritime history in Trelleborg.

    Trelleborg's museum

Welcome to Trelleborg's museum in the heart of Trelleborg. Here you can experience exibitions of the city's history and temporary exibitons of art and history.

    The Raspberry Farm

This is an idyllic spot in southern Skåne. The Farm is located 20 km south of Malmö and only 15 minutes by car from the Öresund Bridge. It offers a farm shop, Halloncafé (Raspberry café) and animals typical of a Skåne farm, all in a genuine rural setting.


Smygehuk is sweden's and scandinavian peninsula's southernmost point. Here you can enjoy arts and crafts at the diffrent excbions. Have an icecream och eat some good food. Discover the rural and natural enviroment that screams Söderslätt and southern Sweden. A great place to enjoy a picknick with the family in the summer time.

      Slättarps farmyard

A cozy farmyard in a village called Skegrie just outside of trelleborg. Here you can shop cloathing and things for your home. Here you can eat luch in their genuine rural courtyard or have a glas of wine in the sun.

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